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Powerful tools to increase donations, grow members, and create awareness.


We will publish your videos and ads to the highest converting audiences possible. We format videos to fit all major platforms like Facebook, Google, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram and custom sites. Givngo success managers create highly targeted campaigns that provide live feedback maximizing your marketing ROI.

Increase your
charity donations

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The donation sensation

Ginvgo’s mission is to help nonprofits and charities raise donations. We have built a platform so people can quickly learn about a cause or charity and then donate and support. We have eliminated as many steps as possible in the donation process which generates the highest conversions possible.

Videos that engage

The most effective way to get people engaged and sharing online is through a great story with a great video. This is why givngo focuses on helping members create videos that tell their story in a way that creates action. Our in house team of video creators and success managers are always ready to givngo!

Increase donations and prospects

We embed donation buttons directly into video’s. This eliminates steps in the donation process while increasing conversions. Our powerful engagement tools also create new members, followers, shares, drives conversions, tracks engagements, captures leads and grows your charity.

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